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Consulting – design – fabrication – service

Our portfolio ranges from consulting to the design and fabrication of the insert blank to service.

1. Consulting

by the mould temperature control specialists

Success starts here

Offering customers the best possible service related to temperature control optimisation of the injection moulding tool is the mission CONTURA® MTC has chosen for itself. Consulting marks the start of every project and forms the basis for subsequent collaboration. Possibilities and potential can already be assessed and discussed at this point.

We have developed a checklist that has proven extremely constructive for providing the most concrete and informative consulting services. It lists fundamental questions about the component that can usually be answered quickly and easily.

You are welcome to download this checklist as the basis for competent consulting under the following link.

2. Design

Time to get concrete

Design is the “heart” of CONTURA.

Highly modern CAD systems are used to design contoured temperature control that has a fundamentally positive influence on the injection moulding process and moulded plastic part. Contoured temperature control produces four main effects – shortening the cycle time, improving quality, improving the surface finish and the cost effectiveness of the process. You benefit from the many years of experienced accumulated by our specialised employees. They have the indispensable know-how.

Many renowned companies trust in our know-how: see our reference page.

3. Fabrication

everything from one source

Taken further – from the outset

We are not limited to specific processes in the fabrication of your mould insert blank. The steel grades that are used and the requirements are supported by many different manufacturing methods. We can choose the optimum method to meet your requirements thanks to our strong partners.

We have been using special high-temperature joining techniques for years. High-temperature brazing (HTB) is a special process we have used to realise hundreds of mould inserts already.

Significant material, time and cost savings can also be realised with selective laser melting (SLM). Selective laser melting is among the primary shaping fabrication methods with a tremendous potential.

Some components can also be fabricated with the conventional method – the drilling engineering process – due to their geometry. We are happy to offer this standard process as well.

Regardless of the chosen method, the quality characteristics according to DIN ISO 9001 are monitored and checked.

CONTURA is probably the only manufacturer of temperature-controlled mould inserts to offer you the best of these three worlds.

4. After-sales service

You can rely on CONTURA

The well-tempered hotline

We strive towards long-term, lasting collaboration with our customers, and answer to you even after the completion of a project. This is in our mutual interest and a matter of course for CONTURA.

Should you encounter problems in your injection moulding process that are not directly related to a current project, we have a solution for you as well. Contact our Process HOTLINE!

Process hotline

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