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Intelligent and highly customisable injection moulding production.


A temperature control unit suited for the injection moulding process is a tremendously important component of contoured and variotherm mould temperature control.


That is why CONTURA® – the mould temperature control specialist – offers a temperature control unit optimised to meet these requirements. It sets itself apart with the following special benefits:


  • Low space requirements
  • Extremely fast heating and cooling cycles
  • Operated via touch screen
  • Integrated trend recording
  • Moveable base

Technical data:


  • Heating output: 38 KW
  • Cooling output: direct cooling
  • Pressurised water unit: up to 180°
  • Pump capacity: max. 100 l/min.



  • Voltage: 380V/2 x 32A
  • Cooling water network 1/2”
  • Pump pressure: 6.0 – 8.0 bar
Typical applications:


  • Injection moulding or compression moulding tools, tool inserts with cooling channels close to the cavity
  • Typical tool temperature range over 100°C; up to 180°C
  • Shorter cycle time with variotherm process applications

Heating and cooling follows the injection cycle


  • Over 100 K temperature difference between heating and cooling operation on the cavity
  • Very high ability to improve the quality of injection-moulded parts and/or the cycle time
  • Easily integrated into standard tools
Gekko – why the name?

The gecko is a poikilothermic organism. It is very nimble and also highly efficient in regards to its energy consumption. We consider it the perfect namesake for our temperature control unit.