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Injection moulder, tool maker, mould maker or OEM?

Are you looking for THE solution to realise a plastic component, with special requirements in terms of freedom from stresses, stability or surface finish?

Even highly complex components can be realised with CONTURA® as a leading company in the development of contoured temperature control concepts. We are happy to advise you in regards to mould temperature control for your mould inserts. We are a leader in the development of contoured temperature control concepts, optionally also realised as variotherm applications.

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Unter dem untenstehenden Link können Sie sich einen aktuellen Bericht der Kunststoff + Verarbeitung ansehen. Der Pressebericht behandelt das Thema »Optimierung von Kunststoffformteilen und -oberflächen«.

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  • Founded in 2003 by Thorsten Müller-Schmetz and Reiner Westhoff, both of whom are managing directors of the company today
  • CONTURA assumed a leading role in the development of contoured mould temperature control from the outset
  • Focus: conceptual design, engineering and fabrication of contoured temperature-controlled mould inserts
  • 2014: move to the company’s new building
  • Currently 20 employees in project management, design, fabrication, marketing and administration
  • Regular in-house events such as the CONTURA Temperature Control Forum since 2016
  • 2017: expansion of the offering with our own temperature control unit, the GEKKO, and by setting up a HOTLINE for acute problems in the injection moulding process



At the beginning of a project is always the dialogue with the customer and the coordination of goal, concept and implementation.


Modern CAD systems for design and special simulation techniques enable visual testing of the design.


Various fabrication methods are available. The most suitable one is chosen to produce an optimum mould insert blank according to the requirements.


Naturally we continue to stand by your side as a competent partner with our experience even after delivery.

Technical center

Seminars and workshops

The background and principles of contoured temperature control and variotherm applications are imparted using various event models.

Proof and tests

Our technical center offers possibilities to test and optimize injection molding tools during the patterning phase as well as in the later production process.


Mould proving

Often there may be challenges in terms of machine and peripheral tuning. Vote for an appointment to check your tool with us.